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Solar salt crystals can be used in water softeners to transform hard water into soft water.  They are a naturally white, opaque, high purity salt. Using solar salt in your softener can help minimize the accumulation of brine tank residue���helping to keep the water softener clean and trouble-free.


Solar salt is created in large, interlocking ponds.  Salt water is pulled into the ponds from a body of water like the Great Salt Lake or the San Francisco Bay.  The water is brought into these shallow ponds where it is evaporated, using the sun, wind and time. The process is similar to farming.  There is a growing season and a harvest season.  The growing season / evaporation process can take a couple of years.  When ready, harvesting equipment is brought in and the crop is harvested. The crop gets washed, then processed, and for water softening salt, the coarse salt gets packaged or pressed into a block or pellet form. The total process can take three to five years.

Diamond Crystal Solar Salt

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