Eco + Amour

Welcome to the refill revolution!


Refill is simple at Acton Home Hardware with Eco + Amour products


Just come by with your clean + dry containers and shop a selection of your favourite green beauty and home brands by weight! 

Try a little, or fill'er right up -it's as simple as that.


product refill of your fav green

beauty brands and more.


For full ingredient listings of all bulk products, click here.

Eco + Amour Product List

Shampoo - $1.20/oz


Conitioner - $1.20/oz


Lotion - $1.10/oz


Castile Soap - $0.56/oz


Laundry Soap - $0.28/oz


to use: for HE add 1-1.5tbsps per load |

for Standard washer add 1.5-2tbsp per load.​


Dish Soap - $0.28/oz



Hand Soap - $0.56/oz 


Sugar Scrub - $0.04/g


Deodorant - $0.15/g


Bath Salts - $0.03/g

Epsom + Pink Himalayan

Toilet Cleaning Tabs - $0.30/tab

to use: dissolve 1 tab in the toilet bowl and scrub (drop one in anytime for a quick bowl refresh)​

All Purpose Cleaning Tabs - $0.50/tab

to use: dissolve 1 tab in 1/2 cup water​ + 1/2 cup vinegar

Dishwasher Tabs - $0.30/tab

to use: add one tab to the soap dispensing tray​